Lab Weather

My small lab assistant and I have our anti-cabin fever project figured out… Phase 1) Assemble as is Phase 2) Go nuts for a while Phase 3) Sever wires / attach to breadboard Phase 4) Automate with Arduino I forgot Phase 0, which is a refresher course on ‘soldering irons being very hot: “ouch”‘ As… Continue reading Lab Weather

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Quick update on the Red Bull Creation status. We’re turbull encabulating… I’m lacking a sufficient power source to push a ton of these LEDs simultaneously, so that is that for now. Power brick and a back-up strip are in the mail, so ambition will dictate how bright we go with this. The physical stuff is… Continue reading Encabulation

TurBull Encabulator Unboxing

Big news. Team swan tron made the cut for the 2013 Red Bull Creation competition. Sweet and I made an unboxing video to signal the official start of awesome junk… –kit guts– As the video demonstrates, the mood in global HQ is babblingly excited. Grabby and frantic, but excited. The competition in these sorts of… Continue reading TurBull Encabulator Unboxing

IOIO on LiIon Battery Power

I finally bucked up and picked up a few Li-Ion batteries for my dust-collecting Clocky mod project. A two cell, a three cell, and a suitable charger for the two arrived in the mail yesterday. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…lithium ion battery tech is crazy. I can’t believe how deprived we… Continue reading IOIO on LiIon Battery Power

Arduino 120V AC Relay Example

I got tired of poking around with LCD drivers with my Arduino. Time for a quick project to mix it up…staring at a surge protector always puts 120V on my mind. As it turns out, I tore apart an old humidifier a while ago on my ‘workbench.’ Monday night is Katie’s reality TV night…time for… Continue reading Arduino 120V AC Relay Example

Evolution of a Project

I have two speeds when it comes to projects: percolate and bazooka. Whereas my swantron comment / to / LCD project was bazooka, this Twitter deal has been percolate. Haven’t been able to jump in completely, rather, I have been poking this one with a stick. Still poking… Making progress…snagging my Twitter page via Python,… Continue reading Evolution of a Project

HTML to Python to Arduino to LCD

Last week found me standing tall upon my shell script soapbox, shouting command line praises to all who would listen. Thou ought direct thine output aftways, to-wards thine USB port of thee. And that is well and righteous. Well, that still is the case. My latest project has made it glaringly obvious that sometimes a… Continue reading HTML to Python to Arduino to LCD