Step One

From now on, this is step one: There were tens of steps before that step in the actual Shark hand-vac fix-it effort, but it really should have been step one. For this post, let’s call it step n. This was step n+1, which led to me assigning ‘whip out the multimeter’ as the new step… Continue reading Step One

Custom Copper End Table 2

I had a 10′ stick of 3/4″ copper pipe in the swan tron global HQ, so decided to make another end table. Same amount of torch… This time with more symmetry… My wasn’t available for a stress test photo op, but it would withstand the weight and destructive damage of scores of toddlers. Probably.

Rooting Stuff

Devices everywhere. With root. Over the past month, I’ve tackled two root projects…Emma’s Kindle Fire HD, and my Asus Transformer. My motivation was pretty straight forward for each. The Kindle worked perfectly fine but with an awful UI. The main use case is YouTube for a 2 y/o, and the stock launcher doesn’t do that… Continue reading Rooting Stuff

Unbricking an Android Tablet

This whole thing began innocently. D-Rock had picked up an Arnova 9 G3 tablet, and wasn’t satisfied with a few things. I wasn’t satisfied that he bought an off-brand tablet, at a truck stop, for 300% its value without asking me for advice, but that is a different story. Maybe truck stop tablets are mostly… Continue reading Unbricking an Android Tablet

Arduino 120V AC Relay Example

I got tired of poking around with LCD drivers with my Arduino. Time for a quick project to mix it up…staring at a surge protector always puts 120V on my mind. As it turns out, I tore apart an old humidifier a while ago on my ‘workbench.’ Monday night is Katie’s reality TV night…time for… Continue reading Arduino 120V AC Relay Example

Spoofing User Agent Types from the Command line

I’m back on the command line…look out… So, I am still poking away at various ways to interface between the bash and various web components. This stuff is still shaking out of my Twitter to CLI to LCD project. I have been using some of the usual suspects (wget, python url libraries, etc) in an… Continue reading Spoofing User Agent Types from the Command line

RC Helicopter Tear Down

A while back, I collected my first Woot BOC. The prize crap in the bag of crap was, without any doubt, the radio controlled Batman helicopter. Great Scott… Wrong movie catch phrase, right? Well, so too are the aerodynamics of a helicopter SHAPED LIKE BATMAN. She is not a very sky-worthy vessel. The rotors push… Continue reading RC Helicopter Tear Down

Twitter CLI Teaser

I sort of forget what my original project entailed…something about tweeting via the command line, for Arduino purposes. You can pretty much just toss a bunch of words in a hat, and add ‘Arduino’ and ‘Command Line’ to them, and there you have one of my typical projects. Anyhow, here we find ourselves. I am… Continue reading Twitter CLI Teaser