Android Controlled IP Webcam

New toy alert… The price of IP webcams has dropped to a pretty ridiculous level. My cheap little Foscam can handle audio and has eleven sweet little IR LEDs for nighttime footage…should have taken this route over the Samsung baby monitors, hindsight being what it is. I configured my router and have this cam connected… Continue reading Android Controlled IP Webcam

Working for Oracle

Same title; different managment; same cube; different name on the virtual paystub. The M&A is complete…I’m officially working for Oracle. Excitedly working, in fact. I find it amuzing that my employer is holding the reigns of Java. I initially started doing Android dev half-ly out of curiosity, and half-ly for career protection / growth. Now… Continue reading Working for Oracle

WWF Royal Rumble

Zig and I have been having some heated Words with Friends battles recently. I had to snap a screenshot of this ridiculous game status… It was bullshit that Ziggy wasn’t awarded more points for playing his handle, and bullshit too that Europa wasn’t an acceptable play. We both got over it. We are pretty evenly… Continue reading WWF Royal Rumble

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I stumbled upon a SOPA protest last night…I first thought Wikipedia had jumped the gun, but realized it was after midnight on the Eastern side of things. Elsewhere for some entropy info…which will show up shortly in a post. Anyhow, this morning I found some good info on the reddit blog that concisely runs through… Continue reading SOPA Day