Spark Fun

Fire and brimstone… IOIO #1 is fucking toast.. Close call with the new 3-cell LiPo. It took some time to get the singed plastic smell out of the *lab…all three cells appear to be intact. Making progress on the IOIO project, before the setback.

IOIO on LiIon Battery Power

I finally bucked up and picked up a few Li-Ion batteries for my dust-collecting Clocky mod project. A two cell, a three cell, and a suitable charger for the two arrived in the mail yesterday. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…lithium ion battery tech is crazy. I can’t believe how deprived we… Continue reading IOIO on LiIon Battery Power

Project Demo

One step closer… This thing screams with wall wart power. Watch… Now comes the hard part…choosing a decent battery and mounting the circuit board savely on the chasis. I have found a few good candidates, but they are a little bulky for my application. Still looking… The UI should be fairly straight forward. Just need… Continue reading Project Demo

Upgrading DC Motors to Servos

A whole bunch of Dremel work and some hot glue… The Clocky conversion to servo motor control is mostly done. I still need to make the servo mounts more secure, but the initial test runs look promising: Getting close. I determined that the IOIO board will not fit inside the casing, so I will have… Continue reading Upgrading DC Motors to Servos

Chrome Robot Wheels

These rims are hotter than the combination cutting and grinding bit on my new cordless Dremel (after I’ve been cutting and grinding servo fittings with which to secure the rims in question.) For a project that is being tackled in five-minute-sleeping-baby sessions, it is shaping up. I am not quite sure if the IOIO board… Continue reading Chrome Robot Wheels