Leaf Blower POV

Trees and leaves, man. Trees and leaves. Good thing I picked up a new Hitachi two-stroke leaf blower from Woot. Video one: Droid meets concrete Video two: Leaves meet street I’ll fully admit that video one wins.

swan tron dot com

Don’t call it a comeback. Or a re-branding. You can’t really re-brand something that lacks, in large, a brand. Let’s just say, I’m dropping the ninja. The robot stays, but knows his place. Carry on.

Man Lamp

My light needs were not being met in the lab. Garage, lab, whatever. Anyhow, I picked up a halogen work light at the hardware store, thinking that the base dimensions and output would make for a perfect movable lab light source. This thing is a monster. Check this out. Reference voltage: Reference tempurature Voltage with… Continue reading Man Lamp

Alien Abduction Proof

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle should have ran this story on a full front page spread. Instead, they chose to obscure evidence of alien existence in Montana, placing this item in the police reports… Too late, cops. They got him. Watch your brain waves.

Bullshit Lunch

Another comic by Drew that made me spit crap on my notebook…Married to the Sea is one of the best things on the webs.

Custom Pong Table

I know of one thing more annoying than table tennis…table tennis players. Oddly aggressive, hollering, talking shit, and most bizarre…striking athletic stances? Nope. Not buying into it. Pretty sure the best thing that has ever happened to ping pong tables was the invention of beer pong. That is, until right crapping now. Take a (high… Continue reading Custom Pong Table